Russian Foundation for Basic Research

About RFBR

Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) was established following the decree of the president of the Russian Federation as a self-governed non-profit state organization. The main goal of this organization was to provide financial and organizational support to scientific research proposals in all branches of fundamental sciences on a strictly competitive basis.

RFBR supported research activities in the following fields:

  • Mathematics, mechanics, and information technology;
  • Physics and astronomy;
  • Chemistry and studies of materials;
  • Biology and medical sciences;
  • Earth sciences;
  • Humanities and social sciences;
  • Information technology and computer systems; and
  • Fundamental basics of engineering sciences.

Research projects funded by RFBR fell under 6 main groups:

  1. Projects conducted by small research groups
  2. Targeted fundamental research
  3. International research
  4. Regional research
  5. Joint research with CIS countries
  6. Research carried out by young scientists

On July 29, 2022, RFBR was renamed by a Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation into the Russian Center for Scientific Information (RCSI) focusing on information and analytical activities in the field of science, international scientific and technical cooperation and ensuring access of Russian scientists to scientific information.

INSF- RFBR Collaboration

In 2015, Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) and RFBR signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to promote cooperation in joint research, and open exchange of knowledge and experience in the form of bilateral scientific events. This MoU resulted in 2 major joint calls for proposals in 2016 and 2020. These calls succeeded in promoting research collaboration among Iranian and Russian scientists in all areas of science and humanities. A total of 59 joint proposals received funding within this collaboration.

Further Information