The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) was established in October 1972. It was regarded as the beginning of a remarkable project aiming to use scientific cooperation to bridge the gaps caused by the Cold War and to confront growing global problems on an international scale.

IIASA’s research is independent and completely unconstrained by political or national self-interest. It is currently focused on nine research programs related to dynamics of global change in areas such as world population, energy, water, ecosystem services and management, air quality and greenhouse gases, risk and resilience, advanced system analysis, evolution and ecology, and transition to new technologies.

IIASA is located in Laxenburg, near Vienna, Austria and has 23 National Memebr Organizations (NMOs). It is sponsored by its NMOs in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.


INSF-IIASA Collaboration

Iran has joined IIASA in April 2016. President of Iran National Science Foundation (INSF), Professor Dr. Eaman Eftekhary, is the council member and Professor Mohsen Ghafory-Ashtiany is the NMO secretary of IIASA in Iran.

Iranian researchers and research centers can collaborate with IIASA on different projects, including:

1. Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP): the YSSP at IIASA offers fellowship for PhD students to undertake a summer project on a topic related to IIASA research agenda. For more information on the topic, please click here.

2. Postdoctoral Opportunities: the Postdoctoral Program at IIASA offers fully funded research positions of up to two years. Proposals are submitted directly to IIASA portal, and topics have to be along with IIASA research agenda. Though all researchers are free to sing in the program, priority is with those who submit their proposals from one of the member countries. For more information on the topic, please click here.

3. Collaboration of Iranian research centers and institutes with IIASA: research institutes and centers of all member countries can collaborate with IIASA to create research groups in line with IIASA research programs. For more information on the topics, please click here.

INSF and IIASA have started research collaboration on projects focused on exploring Iran’s water management issues; investigating renewable energy sources; increasing Iran’s resilience to natural disasters; and increasing air quality.

Those researchers interested in the topics are welcomed to send their CVs to international@insf.org .