Vision, Mission, and Strategy


In IRAN 2025 - a document on the future outlook of Iran on the horizon of the next decade (Iran 1404 in Iranian Calendar) – Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) is a pioneering and outstanding institution supporting Iran's advancement in science and technology. 


Our mission is to support research and develop strategic science and technology, to create a sustainable world based on spiritual principles and the country's scientific resources.


To fulfill our mission, we pursue the following strategies:

  • supporting need-oriented research;
  • enhancing the relations between institutions so as to expand science and technology;
  • promoting the productivity of INSF key processes, with due emphasis on expansion of networks;
  • increasing integrity and consistency between science and technology in INSF (idea-to-product process);
  • supporting the development of provincial and regional research;
  • promoting the status of INSF in science and technology arena;
  • empowering and supporting researchers and scientists' professional maturity;
  • supporting prioritized areas in science and technology, with due emphasis on interdisciplinary sciences;
  • supporting the development of revolutionary and strategic sciences and technologies;
  • raising public awareness about the role of science and technology in the betterment of national development;
  • promoting international relations in science and technology;
  • institutionalizing the role of science and technology in national development having a strategic outlook on schools;
  • managing public opinion to invest in the development of science and technology;
  • comprehensiveness in education, research, and technology; and
  • comprehensiveness in developing science and human excellence.