Research Projects

This funding program aims to support faculty members of Iranian universities and research institutes within the framework of national priorities. Funding for Research Projects is provided in three categories:

  • Independent Research Projects: research projects of full-time faculty members of universities/research institutes carried out in their respective universities and research institutes.
  • MoU-Based Research Projects: research projects of full-time faculty members of universities/research institutes carried out within the scopes of MoUs which are signed between INSF and universities/research institutes to provide balanced national support
  • Special Calls Research Projects: research projects of full-time faculty members of universities/research institutes carried out based on national priorities, in specified topics, and within a special timeframe which are announced on the INSF website

Terms and Conditions for Applicants

  1. The primary investigator (PI), at the time of application, must be a full-time faculty member of an Iranian university or research institute with a valid personnel order.
  2. The proposal must be submitted in the format provided by INSF.
  3. The PI, at the time of application, may not have an ongoing or unfinished research project at INSF.
  4. The topic of the proposal must be aligned with the research and technology priorities of INSF.
  5. The proposal may not be part of or have a significant overlap with q doctoral student's thesis.
  6. The PI must have a Ph.D. degree and be a full-time faculty member of an Iranian university/research institute faculty under a contractual or permanent contract.
  7. University students and higher education graduates who are not full-time faculty members may be included in proposals as research co-investigator.
  8. The submitted proposal may not be an exact copy of a doctoral thesis.
  9. The submitted proposal may not have been previously submitted as a proposal.
  10. Required Documents for Applicants to Register for Support Templates for Research Proposals

Required Documents:

All documents are to be completed and uploaded electronically via the INSF Research Management System:

  • INSF profile
  • Proposal in the format provided by the INSF.
  • Valid personnel order
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Approval letter from the relevant university or research institute, copy of MoU, and peer review forms (for MoU Based Research Projects only)


Research Projects, with the exception of Special Calls, may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Special Calls Research Projects may only be submitted during the relevant call timeline.

Amount of Funding

Minimum and maximum funding for Research Projects, are determined annually by the INSF Scientific Board, and the Board members determine the specific funding amount for each approved project.

How to Submit Proposals

All applications must be submitted through the INSF Research Management System to be reviewed by INSF. Applications for Special Calls Research Projects must be submitted within the timeline of the specific call.

Evaluation Process

All proposals will undergo the following process. PIs can track every step of the process through the INSF Research Management System.

  1. INSF officers assess proposals based on standards for proposal format and required documents submitted by the PI. In some cases, officers may ask for modification, or reject those proposals, which do not meet INSF standards.
  2. A relevant INSF Review Group does a preliminary review of a proposal and assigns scientific reviewers for each proposal.
  3. The proposal undergoes a blind peer review process. Peer reviewers may anonymously engage in communication with PIs through the INSF Research Management System to ask for clarification or require modification.
  4. Review results are assessed by the Review Groups and proposals with positive reviews are sent to the Scientific Board. Review Groups suggest a supervisor for each project to the Board.
  5. INSF Scientific Board will determine the budget, supervisor, and commitments of each project.