German Research Foundation

About DFG

German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft or DFG) has been active for about 80 years. From the very beginning, its work has focused decisively on funding and supporting excellent research. 

DFG welcomes interdisciplinary proposals and supports international cooperation, and it funds researches from all branches of science and humanities. DFG is very much interested in the application of knowledge-based researches in all research areass leading to its collaboration with numerous research institutions.

DFG pays due attention to international cooperation in all its funding programs.Those researchers willing to have international collaboration have the opportunity to receive cooperation fund, as well as research grant. In general, in projects conducted in an internationally cooperative manner, the responsibility is equally divided between researchers: the German-based researcher from DFG organizations will collaborate with researchers outside Germany, originating in organizations that have already signed an agreement for collaborative research with DFG. In case there exists no contract, and in the condition for the cooperation to be an appropriate one, DFG can provide joint support to the researchers.

INSF-DFG Collaboration

Following the Memorandum of Understanding between Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) and German Research Foundation (DFG), those Iranian researchers who have active connection with their German peers can introduce joint proposals in collaboration with German researchers, and after gaining approval for their proposals from due INSF review groups, will be able to conduct the research. In addition to cooperation in research proposals, Iranian researchers and scientific centers can also invite German researchers to hold joint workshops. For more information on the specifics of holding workshops, please click here.

Terms of Condition

Researchers based in Iran shall be faculty members of one of the universities or research centers in Iran. The proposal submission process is as follows: The joint proposal shall first be submitted by the German researcher to DFG; DFG officially confirms to INSF that they have received such a proposal; and then the Iranian researcher will be able to submit their joint proposal to INSF. Those proposals that did not follow this procedure shall not undergo the review process.

Due Date for the Call

So as to facilitate joint researches and workshops, this call has no official due date and both INSF and DFG welcome the proposals for joint researches and workshops throughout the year.

For more information, please contact (+9821) 82161117 or .