International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis


The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) was founded in October 1972, marking the inception of a remarkable initiative designed to employ scientific collaboration to bridge the gaps created by the Cold War and to address burgeoning global issues on an international scale.

IIASA conducts independent research that is entirely devoid of political or national self-interest, garnering recognition for its expertise in systems analysis and its application in addressing intricate global challenges. Its primary mission is to engage in policy-oriented research, tackling critical matters that transcend national boundaries and disciplines.

Situated in Laxenburg, near Vienna, Austria, IIASA is governed by a Council that represents its member countries, and its activities are predominantly funded by its National Member Organizations (NMOs).


IIASA-INSF Collaboration

Although collaborations between Iranian and IIASA researchers date back to 2006, Iran officially became an IIASA member in 2016, facilitated by the Iran National Science Foundation (INSF). Despite Iran's recent membership in IIASA, researchers from both IIASA and Iran have initiated projects to address Iran's water management, explore renewable energy sources, enhance resilience to natural disasters, and improve air quality. Beyond these ongoing research collaborations, there is a significant opportunity to strengthen the partnership between IIASA and Iran's academic community. Potential collaborations encompass the development of customized Iranian versions of IIASA's global models, international assessments in areas of strategic Iranian interest, collaboration with Iranian institutions to secure international research grants, and contributions to Iranian science diplomacy.

Furthermore, capacity building through increased scientific exchange, such as research at or visits to IIASA or participation in IIASA programs for young scientists, will be a priority for the partnership. This IIASA Info Sheet offers a summary of this evolving relationship since 2008.


INSF 2021 Call on IIASA Research Programs

This call was centered on enhancing the involvement of domestic researchers in IIASA research programs aimed at addressing local, national, and regional challenges.

The research project's maximum duration was set at three years.

The call prioritized the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Water Resources and Food Security
  • Air and Environmental Pollution
  • System Modeling and Analysis

The following IIASA research programs aligned with the call's priorities:

  • Advancing System Analysis
  • Biodiversity and Natural Resources
  • Energy, Climate, and Environment

The primary evaluation criteria for proposals were as follows:

  • The linkage between the proposal and IIASA research groups
  • Utilization of IIASA's databases, models, and research tools
  • A systematic research approach with the capability to forecast outputs applicable to evidence-based policy-making and/or solutions for local, national, and regional challenges.

The call received a total of 67 proposals, with 10 selected after the review process, ultimately leading to the inclusion of 3 proposals on the final list based on the evaluation criteria.


INSF Applied Systems Analysis Committee

The INSF Applied Systems Analysis Committee was established in January 2023 under the umbrella of the Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) with the aim of strategizing, guiding, and fostering systems analysis in Iran using IIASA's methods, experiences, and frameworks.

Comprising 7 distinguished researchers with proven expertise in the field of systems analysis, along with the INSF President, INSF Vice-President for Research and Technology, and INSF Head of Science Diplomacy, the committee has convened numerous sessions, resulting in the finalization of two programs focused on Urban Resiliency and Inflation. In this context, two conceptual studies have recently been conducted to break down these global projects into a set of work packages, employing a systemic perspective. In the near future, an extensive call for proposals will be announced under the guidance of an expert team in systems analysis. We believe our program will play a significant role in fostering a systems analysis mindset.