What is the INSF

The Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) is a public organization established in 2003 as "The State Fund for Supporting Researchers" with the approval of the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution. Through monitoring international trends in science and technology, this organization aims to accelerate the science and research activities of Iranian researchers, promote the value of science in society, advance the frontiers of global knowledge by Iranian scientists, and lay the groundwork for creating novel solutions for major national issues.

The main approach of the Foundation, therefore, is to attract participation and develop the network of researchers to conduct mission and solution-oriented research in the new knowledge and disruptive technologies with the goal of assisting the Islamic Republic of Iran in achieving scientific authority.

The most significant programmatic priorities of INSF are funding scientific research of priority, implementing science promotion programs, awarding research chairs, developing the research assessment system, and strengthening collaboration with funding organizations.

In the past five years, INSF has approved and funded around 1,000 research projects received from across the country.